How Our Residential EV Time of Use (TOU) Rate Plan Works.

New Rate Plan Offers You the Best Time to Charge Your EV. Our EV Time Of Use Rate Plan allows you to adjust your charging schedule to make an impact on your monthly electric bills. Scroll down to use the sample bill calculator below and see how much you could save when you enroll.

Price Guarantee Program* Customers who enroll in the EV TOU rate plan will be eligible to receive a one-time price guarantee for service for a period of one year beginning with the first full billing cycle after the customer registers their EV with the utility.
This means that after one year, you will receive a credit if for some reason the price of the EV TOU rate plan doesn’t save you more than what you would’ve paid with your previous rate plan for that same one-year period.

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*Price Guarantee Program
Customers that select this rate plan shall be eligible to receive a one-time price guarantee for service for a period of one year commencing with the first full billing cycle after the customer registers the PEV with the Company.

Pursuant to this provision, the customer shall receive a credit following the one-year period for the difference, if any, between what the customer paid in accordance with this rate plan and what the customer would have paid in accordance with the residential service classification rates the customer was previously served under over that same one-year period. The comparison shall be made on a delivery bill basis only for customers that take supply service from an alternate supplier and on a total bill basis for customer that take supply service from the utility.

The price guarantee, if applicable, shall be applied after the one-year period. If the customer chooses to terminate service under this rate plan prior to the one-year anniversary, the customer shall not be eligible for the price guarantee.

A customer that installs a separate meter for the sole purpose of charging their PEV shall not be eligible for this price guarantee program.

This tool is intended to help customers understand how the EV Time Of Use (TOU) rate option works. This is the estimated residential electricity rate for the utility and it does not include the Basic Service Charge, Surcharges (i.e., Transition Charge, Revenue Decoupling Mechanism, System Benefits Charge, Merchant Function Charge), Bill Issuance Charge or any taxes. The energy consumption values used in these calculations are only estimates and should not be used to make a final decision. Every home and product uses different amounts of energy. Please refer to the Company’s tariff for electric delivery rates and surcharges.